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Frugal Links

Frugal Fridays - Jean Scott's weekly column might take you to any subject of interest to gamblers.  Practical or philosophical, humorous or deadly serious - it is never a boring ride.

ReadyBetGo -  A new gambling site that covers all the main
casino games and general gambling news.  The VP section is especially
comprehensive, listing a wealth of study materials with reviews on many of

VPInsider  - Brought to you by Skip Hughes and Viktor Nacht, this
site features a searchable database of VP machines across the country,
regional "Top 40" lists of the best places to play, slot club details, and
strategies charts.

VPFree - A well-managed free video poker site with an excellent casino and game database and a large number of active posters on the forum who are always ready to passionately discuss video poker and anything related to the casino experience.

5-Card's VP Page - No-nonsense resource site for getting the facts about playing VP skillfully, with an invaluable (and amazing comprehensive) reference list of over 600 different pay schedules.

Compu-Flyers Video Poker Heaven - Full of VP articles from the late, great Lenny Frome and his son Elliott.

OptimumPlay - Dan Paymar has a way with video poker statistics that should be the standard of the industry.

AdvantagePlayer - An always-the-best-math resource for those who are looking to gamble when they have an edge over the casino.  Excellent section on slot clubs, with up-to-date information to help the VP player.

Tunica-VP - This is a pay site that is invaluable for VP players in Tunica, MS, giving complete game inventory, slot club details, and implications of the MS gambling tax.

Wizard of Odds - The Wiz' knows gambling probabilities. If you need to know the numbers and strategy considerations of any casino game, there is no better resource on the Net.  He also has a very long helpful list of other gambling links.

Smartgaming - Henry Tamburin always writes about gambling with a solid math approach.  His specialty is blackjack and on this site you can find information about subscribing to his e-newsletter, "Blackjack Insider." There is also a link to Golden Touch Blackjack which introduces a new, but simplified card-counting system called the Speed Count, which I highly recommend for those who have found the traditional card-counting systems either too difficult to learn or impossible to use in the distracting casino environment.

AudioVegas - Go to the archives here and you can hear Jean Scott and other
gambling personalities,  like the always humorous Barney Vinson. You can
listen to some of Larry Grossman's past radio shows, where he talks with
some of the most famous sports-betting experts around.

Blackjackinfo - Loaded with comprehensive BJ information, including a free custom basic strategy chart tailored to any set of rules and a helpful section for BJ tournament play.

GoldenTouchBlackjack - Here you will learn about the new Speed Count method offered by Golden Touch Blackjack.  This new BJ counting method is 70%-80% as powerful as the popular High Low and KO card-counting systems - but much easier to learn and use in the casino.

Golden Touch Craps - Dice Control is not a magic-bullet system - but if you are willing to put in long hours of practice, you might be able to join the ranks of skillful crap players I have seen in action who can turn a crap table  into a place where you can get a long-term advantage over the casino.

Brian Rouff - The official website of the author of Dice Angel, the dynamite Las Vegas novel, and his new book, Money Shot.

Gambler's Book Shop - If it's on gambling, you can probably order it here.

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