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Frugal Video Poker Strategy Cards by Skip Hughes

Starting in 1997, Skip Hughes produced some of the most popular cards used by video poker players. One of the fans of the cards was Jean Scott. Jean once told Skip, "Your cards are in the player's pocket, not in their dresser drawer, like some other cards."

The Skip Hughes Cards were discontinued in 2000, due to other business priorities. Ever since that time, fans of these strategy cards have been asking when they would return. That question is now answered with the release of Frugal Strategy Cards by Skip Hughes. In cooperation with Jean Scott and Jim Wolf, the creator of Frugal Video Poker, Skip has created the most usable video poker strategy cards available. These cards are not designed for the professional player (although they would serve them well), but for  recreational players who want to win and get the most out of their video poker play.

Of all the strategy cards on the market, Frugal Strategy Cards are the easiest to read, easiest to learn and easiest to use. Due to the breakthroughs in video poker software made by Frugal Video Poker, it's now possible to streamline and simplify complex strategies with no significant loss of return. What's more, the exact return has been determined for these strategies - not just for the specific game the card is designed for, but for other games as well.

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With your order comes a brochure, explaining the format and how to use the cards.

Here are the cards currently available:

Jacks or Better
The 9/6 Jacks or Better card has an Expected Return of 99.54%. The reverse side of the card lists more than a dozen games that the strategy can be used for, many with very little loss of Expected Return.

Full Pay Deuces Wild
The Deuces Wild Card has an Expected Return of 100.76%. The reverse side lists quick 
changes and the resulting return for other DW games including:
  • Loose Deuces 100.13% - 101.57% depending on version
  • Triple (Pay) Deuces - 99.82%
  • Sam's Town Bonus Deuces - 100.81%

NOTE: Your eyes are not blurry from too much VP - that picture on the right is intentionally blurred. Hey, we're not giving this stuff away!


10/7 Double Bonus
The Double Bonus card has an Expected Return of 100.17% for 10/7/50 and 100.51% for 10/7/80. The entire strategy is contained in two columns on the front side of the card. The 10/7 strategy is not easily adaptable to other games.

Kings or Better Joker Poker
The KBJW card has an Expected Return of 100.63%. This is the only card that uses both sides of the card for the strategy. One side has the hands with a Joker and the other side has the hands without a Joker.

The PE card is unique. The front side of the card has a traditional strategy table with all hands covered, line by line. The reverse side has an unusual "Logical Strategy" inspired by the VP writer, Scott Katz. This logical strategy has eleven lines and two rules. Yet it produces the same return as the 25 line strategy on the front. Once the two rules have been learned, Pick'em is a snap!

Individual cards are available for $5.99 each and the entire set of 5 cards is available for $24.99.

All orders will be shipped first class unless combined with another product.

Coming Soon: NSU Deuces and Double Double Bonus

"Set of All 5 Frugal Strategy Cards"
by Skip Hughes
Price: $24.99
"Jacks or Better Frugal Strategy Card"
by Skip Hughes
Price: $5.99
"Deuces Wild Frugal Strategy Card"
by Skip Hughes
Price: $5.99
"Double Bonus Frugal Strategy Card"
by Skip Hughes
Price: $5.99
"Jokers Wild Frugal Strategy Card"
by Skip Hughes
Price: $5.99
"Pick'em Frugal Strategy Card"
by Skip Hughes
Price: $5.99
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