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"The Frugal Gambler" by Jean Scott

"Jean Scott has taken the beatable game of … video poker, …and given us a practical plan for turning today’s casino system inside out."
- Anthony Curtis, Editor of the "Las Vegas Advisor"

One of the All-Time Best-Selling Gambling Books Now Updated!
Learn the low-roller secrets for:

  • Staying free at hotel-casinos
  • Beating casino promotions
  • Eating and drinking on the house
  • Playing video poker for profit
  • Getting bumped from airplanes and flying free

Though Jean Scott was well-known to a select few Las Vegas aficionados throughout the '90s, it wasn't until the publication of The Frugal Gambler in 1998 that she became a household name to casino players across the country. Since then, it's likely that no gambling personality has been featured more often in the media than this "Gambling Grandma." Her frequent national publicity, her long-term success in casinos around the world, and the solid low-rolling advantage-play techniques she's divulged along the way have all helped catapult The Frugal Gambler into the ranks of best-selling gambling books.

And now The Frugal Gambler is completely revised and updated. New information includes a completely revamped chapter on video poker, updated coverage of getting the most out of slot clubs, recent examples of exploitable gambling promotions, and a brand new Resources section, identifying the best sources of player information available-from books to software to the Internet.

Here is a brief summary of the table of contents...

INTRODUCTION – From Uncle Wiggley to Deuces Wild
Read Jean’s unique history, tracing her path from "preacher’s kid" to the "Queen of Comps" in casinos.

CHAPTER 1 - Raining on the Casino’s Parade
This chapter debunks the various myths people may believe about casinos, i.e., all casino personnel know everything there is to know about gambling and casinos are apt to offer comps without being asked.

CHAPTER 2 - Great Expectations - A Reality Check
Jean introduces a "pyramid of gamblers", from the multitudes of the confused, wandering the casino hoping for luck, to that small group at the top, who know that study and perseverance is the only way to success. Worth the price of the book are the informative charts showing the cost per hour of play for each casino game.

CHAPTER 3 - Slot Machines - Handle With Care
Learn in this chapter how you can keep more money in your pocket as you play the slots. Jean explains how to "read" the machines, and how to choose the ones that fit your goals.

CHAPTER 4 - Video Poker - The Meat and Potatoes
This chapter teaches the most important skill of how to choose a video poker machine by analyzing the pay schedule, explaining the difference between positive- and negative-expectation games. Also covered are practical applications such as low-roller bankroll considerations and when to change machines.

CHAPTER 5 - Slot Clubs - Join Or Else
Jean shows you the ropes so you can maximize your use of a slot club, scoring more cash and comp benefits. Read about the buddy system, choosing a core club, and how you can use cashback to add value to any casino machine you play.

CHAPTER 6 - Comps - Your Just Desserts
"Comp" is short for "complimentary," which means free – Jean’s all-time favorite word. Most people think only high rollers can get free rooms, free food, or free show tickets, but Jean will show you how the low-rolling gambler can get these freebies too.

CHAPTER 7 - Promotions - Casino Gravy
Promotions are just as important to Jean’s play as expert video poker strategy, slot clubs and comps. Sometimes they mean the difference between positive and negative expectation and they can cut your losses significantly. In this chapter you will learn where to find promotions and how to use them wisely.

CHAPTER 8 - The Bump - Airline Comps
Airlines want to give you "gifts" too, just as a casino does. If you fly, then this chapter is one of the most invaluable, revealing the secrets of the airline bump system.

CHAPTER 9 - Long Term in Las Vegas - or Having a Life
Jean and Brad spent months at a time staying in comped casino hotel rooms. How did they keep from getting bored, since you can’t gamble 24 hours a day? How did they tackle the chores of every-day living? This chapter deals with the issues of spending long periods of time in Las Vegas or any gambling destination.

CHAPTER 10 - Pyramid Power
Learn about some "real-life" gamblers in this chapter, all with different low-roller agendas and routines. By reading about these people, Jean hopes you’ll be able to construct a low-roller program that best suits you.

CHAPTER 11 - Ethics & Gambling - Odd Bedfellows
How do you wade through the gray ethical smoke of a casino? This chapter discusses many different areas where you may have to make an ethical decision – coupons, tipping, malfunctioning machines, and taxes.

CHAPTER 12 - Breaking Even is a Terrific Thing
Free rooms at the casino, free food, free shows - you’ve actually made money, even if you only break even on the games!

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"The Frugal Gambler"
by Jean Scott
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