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"More Frugal Gambling" by Jean Scott, with Angela Sparks

Okay, okay - for almost 6 years you have been clamoring for another book of frugal advice from the Queen of Comps.

Well that book is finally released!

My second book, More Frugal Gambling, is a sequel that continues where the first one left off, so there are many "advanced" techniques to help you stretch your entertainment time in a casino. However, beginners need even more help with "basic principles" than the first Frugal gave, and experienced players can always benefit from a review since we all have a tendency to stray away from or forget the basic essentials. So to review the basics from a new point of view, I asked my daughter, Angela Sparks, the Frugal Princess, and a newbie recreational gambler, to come aboard Frugal II. 
"Mom, you forget how much information a beginning and/or casual gambler doesn't know and how we learn by baby steps," she said.
"Okay," I retorted.  "How about you writing about those early baby steps!"
And that is how I decided what to cover in Frugal II. 

Here is a brief summary of the contents of the book:

SECTION I: INTRODUCTIONS -- The Queen of Comps and the Frugal Princess
I So Didn't Want to Write This Book: The title says it all!

Following in the Queen's Footsteps to Become the Frugal Princess -- Finally! The down and dirty on how it really is to grow up with a nutty-frugal mother.

1. The Pyramid Falls: Some people thought I was too judgmental when I used a pyramid graphic to classify gamblers in the original Frugal. This chapter contains a kinder and gentler discussion on the subject of the different kinds of gamblers.

2. The Name of the Game - Luck or Math?: Choosing games wisely is probably the most important issue for the casino visitor who wants to make his money stretch further and his entertainment last longer. I discuss the choices of available games - tables, bingo, keno, sports betting, machines - and make a strong case for looking at factors other than just the house edge.

3. Not Your Grandma's Slots Anymore: The Frugal Princess persuaded me to experience the slots before I tried to write about them - and a miracle occurred: I loved it! Because of this hands-on slot research, I was able to pack this long chapter with hints on how to make your slot play last longer and be more enjoyable.

4. Video Poker - Getting the Best of It: This chapter threatened to take over the whole book. Though still long, I pared it down to what I consider the essentials. However, there's enough information here that someone who's never before played video poker will know how to get started, while experienced players will find many ideas to help sharpen their skills.

5. Slot Clubs - You Canít Afford Not to Join: The Frugal Princess reviews the basics and I offer literally hundreds of tips and tricks I've learned since I joined my first slot club in 1990. You'll get many many more benefits from the slot clubs you join after you finish this chapter.

6. So Many Promotions, So Little Time: The promotion train I discussed in the original Frugal is still chugging along, and actually gaining steam as casinos proliferate all over the country and competition heats up. Here, I discuss how you can take advantage of some of the best promotional opportunities.

7. Joining the Court of KuPon: Couponing is still the number-one way for most gamblers to beat the casino. And amazingly, it's a technique that the casinos encourage! I describe the various types of gambling coupons and give detailed instruction on how to maximize each kind.

8. Welcome to the Casino Comp World: Anyone can enter this world, but be warned! It's a constantly changing arena. The more you know about the comp system and keep up with the changes, the better you'll be able to get your fair share.

9. Comps From the Slot Club and In Your Mailbox: This chapter describes the two systems - basic and mostly no-hassle - through which most recreation gamblers earn comps. However, few gamblers get what's coming to them, because they don't understand how the systems work. I let you in on many of their secrets.

10. Do You Need a Host?: To this question, most people respond with another: "How would I even know how to find one?" I provide the answer to this question and hundreds more, on the way to telling you everything you ever wanted to know about hosts and were truly afraid to ask.

11. Finding Your Way Through the Comp Maze: In this chapter I cover the multitude of hurdles you'll face when trying to get comps, not just the ones the casino offers but even the "secret" ones you've legitimately earned. Some of these secrets have never been seen in print before, and learning them will put money in your pocket.

12. Money Matters: This is my chapter about your gambling bankroll - how to get it, how to take it to the casino, how to manage it, what to do when you win big, what to do when it's all gone, and how to handle it when the government wants to be involved.

13. Let Me Give You a Tip: I get more questions about how to tip in a casino than on almost any other subject. So I cover the toke scene in detail, from how to tip to get more extras to what to do when you hit a machine jackpot and outstretched palms seem to appear from every direction.

Theory & Practice - The Queen on TV: Anthony Curtis checks in with some "witchy" details that I'm too embarrassed to reveal here. You'll have to read the book.

Postscript: A short sermon on ethics and some advice for people who've read both Frugals and are suffering from information overload.

Resources: A long list of Web sites, books, magazines, newsletters, and other places where I find information to keep me up-to-date on the ever-changing casino world. Knowledge IS power, the power to keep more money out of the clutches of a casino and in your pocket.

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"More Frugal Gambling"
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