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"Tax Help for the Frugal Gambler" by Jean Scott and Marissa Chien, EA

This book covers all the subjects that face gamblers when they think about their tax situation:  What about those W2G's when you hit a big jackpot?  What gambling records do you need to keep?  What is a gaming diary?  Are you paying more taxes on your gambling wins than you need to.

This books gives a multitude of details that will make taxes a little less taxing for both the casual recreational gambler as well as the gambling professional.  Sample filled-out tax forms and IRS regulations are included in the Appendix.

Here is a brief summary of the table of contents...

How this book started out as a chapter for "More Frugal Gambling" and expanded into a book of its own - and how Marissa, Jean Scott's tax preparer/financial advisor, and a qualified Enrolled Agent and gambler herself, came on board to add more help on those complex tax issues gamblers face.

Part I - Federal Taxes

CHAPTER 1 - Introduction - Why You Need Good Tax Information

CHAPTER 2 - The Basics

  • Gambling Wins as Income
  • The Gambling Session
  • Player Record-Keeping - the Gaming Diary (samples included)
  • Casino Record-Keeping - Win/Loss Statements

CHAPTER 3 - Special Circumstances

  • Casino Comps and Gifts
  • Casino Tournaments
  • Casino Drawings
  • Live Poker Play

CHAPTER 4 - Filing Your Tax Return

  • The Recreational Gambler
  • The Professional Gambler
  • Gambling Groups

CHAPTER 5 - Government Issues

  • The W2-G
  • Other Government  Records
  • Withholding Rules

Part II - State Taxes, Including a Chart with Information for all 50 States




Contains government regulations, court cases, and sample filled-out tax returns for various kinds of filers.

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"Tax Help for the Frugal Gambler"
by Jean Scott and Marissa Chien, EA
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