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"Frugal Video Poker" by Wolf Gaming Software

"Frugal Video Poker is simply the latest breakthrough in video poker software, and I believe it will fundamentally change the way people learn the game." - Skip Hughes, in Video Poker Player


We welcome you to the next generation of video poker software, Frugal Video Poker. Our goal is to help you learn -  in an entertaining way how to play smart video poker, choosing the best games and then playing them accurately.

We designed this game to support both the novice and experienced player. We provide all the analysis, to a depth level that you determine, based on your goals and interest. If youre a beginner, you will start by practicing with the simplified strategy charts, which will quickly teach you the basics. You can then decide if you want to further refine your skills by supplementing your knowledge with perfect strategy play. If you are a more experienced player, all the information you need to make detailed video poker analysis is here.

Strategies can be applied playing both at online casino and brick and mortar casino. As slot machines are the same globally, there's no difference if you play in Finland or U.S. Just pick your favourite online casino and start using these strategies. There are plenty of websites that will help you pick the best casino out there.

We also designed this game to be fun while you learn. We offer sound effects, music, and great graphics. In this way, your depth of video poker knowledge will increase with minimal effort.

One of the features you can access in this software is a 12-minute video showing how successful video poker play has influenced Jean and Brad Scotts lifestyle. You will see them in their beautiful Vegas condo, organizing coupons and relaxing in the palm-tree shaded spa. They will show you the bountiful collection of freebies in their comp gift shop garage. They visit a casino where Jean will explain some of the main requisites for successful video poker play.

In addition to the play-and-learn tutor (which, of course, has a hundred bells and whistles), Frugal Video Poker ALSO generates strategy charts that you can print out and/or play, and generates the return for each chart. It is an all-in-one VP software package.

The software can track an unlimited number of players (one player can have advanced options, while another is configured to the minimum level). Player statistics span all sessions and machines; the hands-per-hour statistic is accurate, as the clock stops when you look at a tutoring window.  You can set it so your errors are signaled immediately, or errors can be saved so you can practice without being interrupted and you can review them later. You can even control the speed of dealing the cards. There's a tournament mode, so you can race against the clock to complete the allowed number of hands in the allotted time.

Another feature that will please many players is that FVP allows you to calculate cashback, with 2 different methods depending on the information you have. It then adds the cashback rate to the return of the game, so you know exactly the expected return for any play.

In short, Frugal Video Poker has a multitude of interesting and useful features for video poker players at any level, from beginner to professional.

NEW!!! Thinking about Frugal Video Poker but don't know what more we have to offer? We are working on a demo version, but for now you can follow this link to download the help file. Even if you don't buy FVP, this document will increase your knowledge of video poker. FVP HELP DOWNLOAD PAGE

Frugal Video Poker
"Frugal Video Poker"
by Wolf Gaming Software
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