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"Frugal Video Poker" by Wolf Gaming Software

"Frugal Video Poker is the Viagra of Video Poker!" - Elliott Shapiro


We train you in video poker by offering a multitude of features in understanding the worthiness of a game, or the play of a hand...

  • An informative video by Jean Scott, explaining the basics of video poker play, and on how to prepare for a casino
  • Strategy chart and perfect play modes
  • Separate payoff tables for 5 credits and 1-4 credits, just like the casinos
  • Computer strategy chart generation
  • Strategy charts rankings can be manipulated by the player and verified by the computer
  • Multiple session capability
  • Over 45 musical selections
  • Sound effects
  • Errors saved for future review
  • Session volatility graph, with minimum and maximum values, to help in determining bankroll
  • Player Control Center that tracks all players and sessions
  • Errors can be replayed throughout the session, with player defined random mix (we shuffle the suits and positions, as well)
  • Player statistics that span all sessions and machines
  • Strategy charts are colored, so that you can quickly find the hand you are seeking. The colors can be customized by the player
  • Define and examine a hand with our drag and drop hand configuration, for both strategy and perfect play modes
  • All machine payoff tables can be changed and analyzed
  • Machines include Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Kicker Machines, Deuces Wild, Deuces Deluxe, Bonus Deuces Wild, Deuces and Joker Wild, Joker Wild, Multiple Jokers Wild, and Multi-Pay
  • Multiplay modes: Triple Play, Five Play and Ten Play
  • Adjustable card pacing on deals/ draws
  • Flash card play (no draw after deal)
  • Double down play
  • Slot marquee that offers video poker information. It also points out strategy errors that occur during the session
  • Mouse or keyboard play, with player defined keyboard configuration
  • The player can customize the screen appearance
  • Allows multiple players that retain their unique game configurations
  • Adjustable error levels
  • Allows negative credits, or credit-in player defined credits
  • Rename or delete sessions, machines, and strategy charts
  • Favorites machines list to quickly find machines
  • Over 100 different pre-configured machine payoff tables
  • Tournament mode, where you race against the clock
  • Record memos and notes during play, that can be printed later
  • Forwards, backwards, and both directions sequential royals
  • Computer can play hands till credits are 0, or for a player determined number of hands. You can either view the computer playing, or let it play in the background
  • You may add statistics to your tutors, to help in understanding the play of a hand
  • Graphs of important video poker statistics
  • Strategy play breakdown of hand appearance, contribution, and missed plays
  • We will calculate your slot club cashback
  • Unsorted views of a wild machine’s strategy charts
  • A machine can Inherit a strategy chart from another machine, and then be analyzed for the resultant strategy return
  • A help file that does not assume the level of the player
  • Plus Much, Much, More
Frugal Video Poker
"Frugal Video Poker"
by Wolf Gaming Software
Price: $39.99
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