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 "Winners Bank200" by Showfor

Most gamblers will have short-term goals that have a strong psychological base.  Even the skillful gambler who has complete faith in the math does not become a robot – and as human beings we bring our human weaknesses with us into a casino.  Most gamblers, skilled or not, have said to themselves at one time or another, “Why didn’t I quit when I was ahead.” Or, “Why didn’t I quit when I reached my pre-determined stop-loss figure.”

Recently I was introduced to a product that addresses this problem and could possibly give a little help - the Winners Bank200. This is a small and VERY DURABLE locked metal bank you can slip in your pocket and take to the casino. It has a slot where you can insert bills, coins, or chips that you REALLY want to take home with you. Once at home - where you have left the keys to the bank - you can open it and be happy you were able to bring back some winnings.






"Winners Bank200"
by Showfor
Price: 15.99
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